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Mini vending machines

Mini vending machines can make as much or even more profit than bulkier machines for their low expenditure in machine purchasing and space renting.

Almost every business has a mini vending machine around focusing on a different aspect of modern life from food and snacks to newspaper and magazines. Because they are smaller in size, mini vending machines always only provide one type of product whereas other normal size machines are more integrated.

desktop mini vending machine
mini vending machine

What are mini vending machines

Mini vending machines are, as know as small vending machines and desktop vending machines, more compact machines that provide products like juices, snacks, cigarettes, and alcohol. They are smaller in size but more flexible and specialized. Unlike normal size machines, mini machines maximize space usage and target in making the most profit out of a small area.

Advantages of buy mini vending machines

1. Wide selection

Although each mini vending has its own focus, the min vending as a whole doesn’t have any requirement in product choices, which means you can stock whatever commodity you like as long as it fits into the machine.

2. Updated payment options

While many old vending machines being stuck with coin-based payment, mini vending machines enables more diverse payment options like credit cards and mobile payment. Keeping up with changing technology, mini vending machines adapts to fast pace lifestyle and cashless modern era.

3. Energy-saving

Needless to say small business is more eco-friendly in terms of energy consumption. Large machines with LED lights shining all night long worsens light pollution and environmental problems.

4. Space-saving

Small and compact machines can fit into every corner, which reduces space waste. A normal size machine doesn’t always suitable for the ideal location of your choice, mini vending machines can eliminate this issue. They can be placed in high traffic zones with little room.

5. Low initial investment

Normal size brand new vending machines cost at least $3000 dollars, which can be a burden for some new entrepreneurs. Besides, higher initial investment means longer turn over and relatively higher risk. A mini vending machine costs only half of the price and you can get the most advanced model and busiest location using the rest of the investment to generate higher income.

6. Flexibility

Comparing to other vending machines, mini vending business is incredibly flexible. You can make the initial purchase with a lower price and sell it to a larger target market. As the volume and stock of the machine are lower, entrepreneurs bear the lower risk of products becoming a drug on the market and causing the waste.

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